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Our Process

Find our about the process that allows us to deliver quality bespoke websites at affordable prices.

Our process is what enables us to deliver quality tradesman, wordpress, ecommerce and bespoke websites at unbeatable prices in blistering speed.

January 2022

Step 1: Discovery & Signup

The first step is to do your research 🕵️‍♀️ Shop around and test us out - we offer free advice to help you discover whether we are the right design studio for you. Even if we're not we are more than happy to point you in the right direction.

February 2022

Step 2: Design

So you've decided we're a good fit 😍 The next step (once you've signed up) is completing a questionnaire which will become our design brief. This stage is really important, so we will walk you through it.

March 2022

Step 3: Content

Once you've approved the design based on your brief, we can help you input your content ✍ If you haven't got it ready yet we will use dummy text and stock images, you can always update the content it later on 📸

April 2022

Step 4: Launch & Maintain

The design is signed off and the content is added. As soon as you're happy with everything, we're ready to test and go live! 🙌 That's not the end of our relationship though. We continue to host and maintain your website offering free support every step of the way.

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